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Ultimate Assassin 2

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You are the world's best assassin. You'll have to be, because your assignments are not very easy. And they get even more difficult. Always kill the green guy, that is the easy part. Sometimes there are a lot of guards, sometimes there aren't, but sometimes your mark runs very hard in the wrong direction. Make sure you keep quiet as a mouse when the alarm rings. Hide behind crates and walls, so the guards can't find you. When you are (nearly) trapped, make yourself invisible or use the turbo to run really fast for a bit to shake off the guards. Once your mark is killed, all you have to do is wait for the exit so you can get out. It is not an easy task, but you are the best, so I have every confidence in you.
Control: Use the arrow keys to move, the Z for double speed and the X for invisibility.

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