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Strike Force Heroes 2

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Play this great sequel to 'Lab under fire', from the Strike Force Heroes series! The enemy is charging your space station and you have to escape. Make sure you kill as many enemy soldiers as possible while doing so! 'The engineer', 'the mercenary', 'the general', 'the juggernaut' or 'the sniper' will assist you. You can modify your soldier with the upgrades you've collected in the level. Try to collect powerful weapons and improve your chances of survival! In the beginning you'll play in Campaign mode, and once you've learned the ropes you could try the Challenge mode. In the Campaign mode you'll find 15 levels. In each level you'll find another adventure and you'll need to escape from the hairiest situations. Shoot 'em!
Control: Use WASD or the arrow keys to move around. Press W, the up arrow or the spacebar to jump. Press S or the down arrow to crawl. Use the mouse to aim and to shoot. Press Q or Shift to change weapon.

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