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Earth Taken

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The earth isn't what it used to be anymore. After an invasion from outer space aliens have caused a true bloodbath and they completely poisoned the air. Only those human beings who have found a shelter in time have survived the invasion. You're one of those! You go to look for a new shelter. Go in search of food, ammo and gas masks: when you have enough of these in stock, you can eat to stay healthy, use a gas mask to protect your body against the toxic vapors and reload your weapon regularly so that you'll never be out of ammo. Go in search of survivors and save them: once they've recovered they'll fight at your side. If you can permit, share your 'recovery packs' with them: they'll recover faster so that they can help you sooner.
Control: Use the arrow keys to move and to aim. Press space when you want to interact.
A = shoot,
S = jump or drop things,
S + S = double jump,
R = reload weapon,
Q = change weapon,
E = eat.

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